Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still Here!!

Hi to all my followers and visitors. I though I better let you know that I am still here and the site IS active... but it can't be active without ratteh photos to post!

Unfortunately I don't even have any of my own photos at the moment as I havent taken many snapshots of the boys or pulled out the big guns and attempted some more portraits.

In the meantime, feel free to have a look at my photography blog, it's nothing special but I'm thinking of doing an update on that soon as I have more general photos lying around instead of rat photos lol *sigh* typical hey?

If you have some photos please send them over :)


Mayaa :) said...

Sent some pics, not sure if they'll work, the links seemed a bit dodgy :)

Sammy said...

i haz another Jazz and Einy eating a pillow and getting stuffing everywhere photo...haha. We have him for the week and for some reason Martin brought a pillow for Einy to sleep on. I did warn them it wouldn't last. Pillow didn't even last the night...but on the plus side they have been sleeping on some of the stuffing.. :) lol

I can has yoggiez (AusLOLratS) said...

Hi Mayaa, I've got the pics, the links worked :) I'll put some captions in and post them soon :)

Hi Sammy :) the poor pillow didnt deserve their wrath lol. I gotta see pics of the destruction they've wrought

May :) said...

cool that would be great

♥ Maya ♥ said...

yer, i would love him to get a rat but mum said NO very loudly! haha! She thinks two are bad enough :(
She would like him to get something small and watery that doesn't smell or have to run about on the floor and be cuddled.

nutter1 said...

post some baby pics, post some baby pics :)