Monday, August 11, 2008

Lost all faith

Sadly, no one has sent new material to add... I cant exactly hound my own rats and beg them to do something funny :( so we're on hiatus till I figure out what to do or find new pics to add


Rani said...

I have some pics for you...couldnt remember who was doing it...however..I am not a great photographer or very creative so you may have to add the captions...they are on my other computer so will send them soon!

I can has yoggiez (AusLOLratS) said...

Thanks Rani,

I've got the pics :) they're absolutely fine - exactly what we need :)

Thanks again - they'll appear very soon!!!!!

Sam said...

I would, but i dont have any rats. :) Although, like i said - i have some funny doggi ones. Plus i nearly brought a mouse the other day... nearly there.