Friday, November 28, 2008

Again, there are 2 sets of submissions so scroll down and don't miss out on anything!

Submitted by Barbara, Captioned by WulfysKingdom


Submitted by Dianne, Captioned by WulfysKingdom



oldratmum said...

Poor rattie with his collar on

had an operation......NEEDS yoggies!!

I can has yoggiez (AusLOLratS) said...

Lots of yoggies make the boo boo go away lol

Angie said...

Oh MY! I LOVE your site! I can't believe I'm just now discovering it! I've been a rat lover for many years and this is just right up my alley. My son and I have a blog about our rat adventures (we dress them up, pose them with props and write stories about them). We are hoping to have guest bloggers from time to time and would love to feature your little friends! You can take a look here, to see if you're interested.